Chris Cage was born and raised in Montpelier, Indiana.  He was destined to find his way to fame.  After all, he’s only following in his mother’s footsteps.  Remember, when Erik Estrada was on Armed & Famous…..the reality police show that filmed in Muncie?  Chris Cage’s mom was in one of the episodes.  I can’t explain way.  Well, I can’t explain without being fined by the FCC.  Well…if you really want to know, here’s the link: https://youtu.be/2aNjceVQaB8

Chris Cage is married with three kids.  His wife’s name is Penny.  He definitely married “up” when he put a ring on her finger.  They  have three kids.  There’s no denying Christian, Michael and Hailey are his.  Seriously, they look just like him.

Chris Cage has a dog.  I don’t know what the dog’s real name is because he only calls it by its nickname.  And, again, I can’t tell you what that is without being fined by the FCC.

In all seriousness, Chris Cage is one of the funniest, most dedicated and hard working people in radio and I consider myself privileged that he lets me be in the studio with him every morning.  Now if he would just let me talk on air.  We’ll work on that….baby steps.

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